Client Testimonies

Tim, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the improvements to my fitness level and health since Istarted working out with you. Since having Lap Band surgery on June 2008, I have been on a mission to regain my health after being morbidly obese my entire adult life. Prior to surgery, I weighed 276 and had lost down to 184 when we started working together in November. During those three months,I have lost an additional 29 lbs (down to 155 lbs) and my body fat has decreased from 25.2% to 15.6%. I am truly amazed with the improvements in my health (coming off of diabetes, cholesterol & thyroid meds), having substantially less pain in my knees & back, as well as looking better in my clothes and feeling younger than I have in years. Thank you so much for the important part you have played in my journey back to health.

Nicki D. Irmo, SC

Tim, you have really helped me in the year that we have worked together. I knew almost nothing about weight training and, without your help, I would have stopped resistance training long ago or hurt myself in the process of trying to "do it myself." Your encouragement, your enthusiasm and your keen ability to pass on your knowledge, have all been very beneficial to my development. As I approach the young age of 60, I feel confident that I can continue playing tennis aggressively without fear of injury. Certainly freak accidents can happen, but if they do, it won't be because I haven't toned my bones, muscles and ligaments. Yes, I am in much better condition than I was last year, thanks to you. For my birthday I am asking for some of those Nadal tennis shirts. And another thing, I really appreciate your sincerity. You are a real blessing to me and I enjoy solving the world's problems in the moments of recovery that you allow between exercises, however brief.

Richard C. Columbia, SC

Mr. Graham, your training and nutritional advice informed me so much and made me aware of changes I needed to make. I am really thankful that I got personal training from you.

Caitlin F. Columbia, SC

Tim is encouraging. I have been a client of Tim for 2 years. "Encouraging" comes to mind when I think of Tim. He is not demanding during the workouts, but encourages you to give all that you can. He is not about "dieting", but encourages you to make modifications to your eating habits. After two years of working with Tim, I find myself healthier than ever.

Rob B. Chapin, SC

This month marks five years since I started my fitness journey with your help! It seems that every time I have gone to the gym this month, I think back to where I was when I came to you for the first time for my fitness profile. I am happy to say that I am feeling great, eating well, pumping iron, "ellipticalling," jogging, and stretching faithfully. I can't thank you enough for what you have done to help me get on the right track.

Matt Q. West Columbia, SC

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