Fitness Tips from Your Trainer

Eat Your Breakfast:

• People who skip breakfast are increasing their risk of weight gain
and possibly setting themselves up for diabetes and heart disease as well.

• Study from the University of Massachusetts showed that people who miss breakfast
are 4 times more likely to be obese.

• A healthy breakfast includes fruit, whole grain cereal or bread,
and low-fat or skim milk.
Fitness Tips

Go for the Tap:

• The bottled water craze started about 20 years ago in the United States.

• In recent years, sales of bottled water have exploded as a result of a perception
by the public that bottled water is safer and purer than city tap water.

• But tap water has to meet higher standards than bottled water. Every test result I can find
shows tap water as safe, if not safer, than bottled water.

Fitness Tips

Battle the Sweet Tooth:

• I control most of my sweet-tooth urges with low fat yogurt and
Nature Valley Chewy Granola bars with yogurt on the bottom.

• Those that I can't control, I must avoid. My advice is don't allow them in the house.

• If you need a fix now and then, indulge it at a restaurant or ice cream parlor,
but don't bring the temptation into your home.

Fitness Tips

Lift those Weights:

• Resistance training is necessary for weight loss. Every pound of muscle burns about
35 calories a day. A pound of fat by comparison burns about 2 calories a day.

• The best way to increase your metabolism is to add muscle,
and the best way to add muscle is to lift weights.

• Resistance exercise has been shown to have profound effects on the skeletal system.

• Bones actually become stronger when they are stressed.

• The ravages of osteoporosis can be reduced or eliminated by strength and resistance exercise.

• Strong muscles around bones also greatly reduce the likelihood of fractures.

Finess Tips

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