Fitness Profile

Before starting any sessions I’ll do a free fitness profile or consultation which provides valuable information
as you start a training program with no obligation to purchase sessions.

A Fitness Profile Includes:

• A health analysis
• An analysis of your past history
• Setting your personal fitness goals
• Your weight and measurements
• Your resting blood pressure and heart rate
• Your body fat percentage
• Your Body Mass Index (BMI)
• Your waist to hip ratio
• Testing of your flexibility, aerobic capacity, upper body strength and abdominal strength
• An estimate the amount of calories you burn daily

Fitness Profile

A similar fitness profile can also be performed by a doctor or health clinic.
But at a much higher cost.
Your cost is FREE!

There is no obligation to purchase anything else ever.

Mr. Graham, your training and nutritional advice informed me so much and made me aware of changes I needed to make.
I am really thankful that I got personal training from you.

Caitlin F. Columbia, SC      Read more

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