Garnet Goes Hiking


This week’s blog was written by Garnet, my son’s dog. His voice sounds like Scooby Doo would sound if Scooby Doo talked.

My name is Garnet and I’m a dog. Uh, last week on July 4th, I spent the day with Granmama and Pa Tim. My dad went to Savannah and he didn’t take me. But Granmama and Pa Tim took me to the mountains. We went to Table Rock. I’d never been there before, but we climbed a mountain. First we went to buy some fried chicken and had a picnic. Well, uh, Granmama and Pa Tim had a picnic, but all I got was a few bites of a Bojangles biscuit. I think it was good, but I didn’t really taste it, because I don’t chew much. I just swallow food.

Uh, then after the picnic, we got in the car and drove to Table Rock. Pa Tim went into a building and I stayed outside with Granmama. When he came out of the building, we started walking up the mountain. Pa Tim said we were going on the red trail. The man inside the building told Pa Tim that was a rigora, a rigara, uh, a tough trail, but Pa Tim said that was no problem. Granmama had a walking stick, but Pa Tim had me on a leash and I pulled him some. I’m a really strong dog, but uh, I’m kinda afraid of rain and thunder.

The trail was really fun for me and Pa Tim, but Granmama kept stopping to rest and drink some water. I was drinking water too, but I had to drink water from the river and I had to stand in the river to drink the water. It was good water and uh, very cold on my paws. Pa Tim kept telling Granmama stories about his backpacking days with my dad and my Aunt Darby. I don’t think Granmama enjoyed the stories. Her face was kinda red. Pa Tim kept telling Granmama to hurry up and Granmama kept telling Pa Tim to do something which I didn’t understand, but it sounded like it was hard to do and might hurt.

Finally after about an hour or it might have been a month – I have a hard time with time because I’m a dog – Granmama said she was turning around and Pa Tim said ok, cause when Granmama talks in that tone of voice, Pa Tim says ok. So we turned around and I led Granmama and Pa Tim back to the car. And we drove home and I slept in the back seat. Pa Tim told me we would go back sometime without Granmama and climb all the way to the summit whatever that is. Maybe there’s a treat there. He said maybe my dad and Aunt Darby would want to come too.

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